This is the Brooklyn Guestbook Page - It contains links to most of the Brooklyn High Schools etc.
Look for your friends from your old schools or hang outs and email them
  These are read only guestbooks for now.

Sheepshead Bay Area 60's Guestbooks
View 1st 60's Guestbook
View 2nd 60's Guestbook
View 3rd 60's Guestbook
View 4th 60's Guestbook
View the 5th Sheepshead Bay 60's Guestbook

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SBHS Singles Guestbook
View the SBHS Singles Guestbook

Shell Bank JHS Guestbook
View the Shell Bank JHS Guestbook

Sheepshead Bay Area 70's Guestbooks
View the 1st 70's Guestbook
View the 2nd 70's Guestbook
View the 3rd 70's Guestbook
View the 4th 70's Guestbook
View the 5th Sheepshead Bay 70's Guestbook

Sheepshead Bay Area 80's Guestbooks
View 1st 80's Guestbook
View 2nd 80's Guestbook
View the 4th Sheepshead Bay 80's Guestbook

Madison High School - Mill Basin - Kings Highway Guestbook
View the James Madison HS Guestbook

South Shore HS - Madison HS
Go to the Mill Basin and Bergen Beach Web Site
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 Armed Forces Guestbook
View Armed Forces Guestbook 
Erasmus Hall HS Guestbook
View Erasmus Hall HS Guestbook

Lincoln High School - Ocean Parkway - Brighton Beach Beach Guestbook
View the Lincoln HS Guestbook
Tilden High School - East Flatbush  Guest book
View the 1st Tilden Guestbook scrollable
View 2nd Tilden Guestbook
View the 3rd Tilden HS Guestbook

Wingate High School Guestbook
View the Wingate HS Guestbook
Lafayette High School Guestbook
View the New Lafayette HS Guestbook

New Utrecht High School Guestbook
View  the New Utrecht Guestbook

Thomas Jefferson High School Guestbook
View the New Thomas Jefferson HS Guestbook

Midwood High School Guestbook
View the Midwood HS Guestbook

40's or 50's graduates from all Brooklyn High Schools
View the 40's and 50's Guestbook

Canarsie High School Guest Book
View the Canarsie Guest book

 Fort Hamilton High School Guestbook
View Fort Hamilton High School Guestbook

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